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Learn Woodworking at Annapolis Woodworks

“I just took the hand-cut dovetail box course with my Dad and brother. Between the three of us, we covered the full range of experience levels, yet we all learned something, had a great time, and made a really nice piece. Not only do you learn to improve your skills to make better pieces, but also how to overcome common mistakes and make your project nice even if there was a little goof. Troy was a good teacher and his shop is incredible. I will be looking into other classes here in the future and would recommend it to anyone else interested in woodworking.”

Matthew Owen

Woodworking Classes in Annapolis Maryland

Do you like to work with your hands? Have you always dreamed of carving beautiful wood furniture? The instructors at Annapolis Woodworks can teach you the tricks of the trade. These courses will increase your confidence in your own skill, introduce you to renowned woodworkers, give you all the guidance you need to make your own heirloom furniture, and, eventually, help you become a master of the woodworking trade.

Who Will Teach You?

  • Peter Gedrys
  • Gene Adcock
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Jimmy Clewes
  • Cindy Drozda
  • Don Derry
  • Robert Rosand
  • Temple Blackwood
  • Michael Mocho
  • And more!

What Skills Will You Learn?

  • Design
  • Woodturning
  • Pyrography
  • Joinery
  • Casework
  • Carving
  • Marquetry
  • Finishing
  • Furniture Construction
  • And more!

About Annapolis Woodworking

The story of Annapolis Woodworking begins with a son that wanted to be just like his father. He spent hours watching his dad construct furniture for their house in an old tobacco barn. In his late teens, the founder got a job building houses with his uncle. That job increased his carpentry skills and passion for woodworking. Soon he was building custom homes and doing commercial renovations, but his heart was in the art of crafting wood. Eventually, he built a woodworking shop and started teaching courses to people in the Annapolis area that were interested in the craft.

If you’re fascinated by the art of woodworking and want to dip your toes in the water, you might be interested in the Sewing Table Class, the Turned Holiday Ornaments Course, or some private instruction at Annapolis Woodworks.

Programs of Study

If you would like a more comprehensive program, one of these courses might be just what you’re looking for. And if you can’t afford these programs, a generous Scholarship Fund is available.

  • Woodworking Masters Program
  • Chairmaking Masters Program
  • Woodturning Masters Program
  • Evening Woodturning Masters Program
  • Fellowship Program
  • Summer Apprenticeship Program

“Troy Beall is an excellent instructor with a massive amount of experience and expertise in the building of heirloom furniture. While I had zero prior experience using a wood lathe, I contacted Troy about my concerns about keeping up with more experienced classmates, prior to the start of our course. My concerns were unnecessary. Troy provided fantastic, hands-on lathe training, from an overview of its component parts to various chisel techniques that allowed me to keep up with my more seasoned counterparts in class. While it’s a lot of work over the course of a week, and you may not always complete your project, depending on your own pace of work, you will leave with a new and/or better refined set of woodworking skills and a functional piece of furniture. This class was some of the best money and time I’ve ever spent. I highly recommend Troy’s classes to anyone, beginner and expert, who may be interested. I will definitely return for more courses, in the future.”

Matt Hurley

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