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4 Free Things To Do in Annapolis Maryland

Most of us need a change of scenery once in a while. So we go to a different restaurant, buy unique wall art for the living room, try go-cart racing, or take a drawing class. And all of those things are fun! They inject some randomness and variety into our lives. We get to try something new!

But, unfortunately, they also cost money. And, after a while, our random adventures might begin to put a strain on our wallet! What are some free or cheap things to do in Annapolis Maryland that will still add some spice to our lives?

1. Visit the United States Naval Academy for Free

The number one tourist attraction in Annapolis Maryland is the United States Naval Academy. On the first floor of the museum, you can take a self-guided tour and learn much about the history of the Navy. The exhibits not only explore the history of the U.S. Navy but also the role of the Naval Academy in modern times.

On the second floor, there are several model boats. And it’s a great place for a family outing. You’ll learn even more naval history by taking advantage of the guided tour. The tour guide can also give you insight into the landscaping and architecture of the buildings.

2. A Historic Home & Garden Tour for Cheap

The William Paca House and Garden is a beautiful and well-maintained estate. You can take a guided tour of the house. The tour guides are knowledgeable and provide a lot of historical details about William Paca. You can also stroll through the more than two acres of gardens including some beautiful fruit trees. Several families have chosen this as their wedding venue, so you can imagine the regal beauty of this historic site.

3. Step Back in Time with Some Free Annapolis History

Do you love strolling down the streets of quaint towns that look like they come right out of a storybook? Then you should explore Historic Annapolis! It has an abundance of historic sites that have been converted to museums. You can stroll through some of the older homes (like the William Paca House mentioned above), historic inns, shops, galleries, and other buildings. So if you’re ready to be steeped in history, look no further than Historic Annapolis.

What places should you visit in Historic Annapolis?

  • Hammond-Harwood House
  • Banneker Douglass Museum
  • James Brice House
  • William Paca House
  • William Paca Garden
  • Historic Annapolis Museum Store
  • Hogshead
  • Waterfront Warehouse
  • And More!

4. An Expensive But Exceptional Park in Annapolis

Do you love art and long walks? Why not combine the two? Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis is a great place to run, ride your bike, or walk your dog. There’s a daily parking fee of $6 per car. It’s a 340-acre area with about seven miles of paved paths that lead to various gardens. Along the way, you’ll come across sculptures, art galleries, a playground for the little ones, and even a dog park for our furry friends. If you’re not much for walks, you can still enjoy the views from the picnic area.

So there you have it! You can enjoy Annapolis without using up too many pennies. Why not explore these free or cheap activities this weekend with your family? Your sense of adventure will be satisfied and your wallet will thank you.

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