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Signs That Your Tree Is Dead

4 Signs of a Dead Tree

1. Brittle Branches

One of the most common signs that a tree is dead is brown and brittle branches. The branches can become too loose and fall from the tree, they might also present cracks, which only weakens the tree. One little test you can perform is to break some twigs and see what they look like, if the interior is green then it means the tree is still alive but if it’s dry and brown, then the tree is already dead. 

2. Fungus

The sight of fungus doesn’t necessarily imply that the tree is dead, but it could mean that it’s dying. For this, you want to see if there are mushrooms or fungus anywhere on the tree, that’s a sign that the tree might be rotten inside, which means that it’s most likely dead. 

3. Peeling Bark

The bark is one of the most important parts of a tree as it shields the inner trunk from getting damaged. Naturally, this is also one of the most common signs that a tree is dead. If you notice vertical cracks in the bark then it’s most likely that the tree is dead or it’s dying. 

4. Gradual Lean

Trees are normally upright, so there’s a reason behind why they might have a sudden lean to one side, and that often is because the tree is dead. Of course, it might not be the cause, but there’s something wrong with the tree that caused this to happen, plus, it might represent a danger in residential areas, so it’s a good idea to inspect it. 

How to Save a Dying Tree

Sometimes is not too late to save a dying tree. There’s a person that will tell you exactly what your tree needs, and that’s the arborist. Arborists will tell you exactly what your tree needs and what the problem is, then they will give you all the tools and information you need to save the tree, or in the worst case, they will tell you if it’s too late. There’s no one better than a professional in the area to help you with this problem. 

What to Do with a Dead Tree

There many things you can do with a dead tree instead of just cutting it down and dispose of it. For example, you can create woodchips that can be used in the garden or even make some firewood. You can create furniture or design pieces to decorate your house. Some people even like to create pathways with the wood of a dead tree. Lastly, you don’t necessarily need to take down a dead tree, if it doesn’t represent a danger then you can comfortably just leave it as it is and let it be a home for wildlife. 

There you have it! Now you know how to spot signs that a tree is dead and what to do about the whole situation. Remember that with constant and proper care, you could extend the life of your tree even more.

Do you want to learn how to care for your newly planted tree? Then you’ll enjoy reading my next post.